Up to

54" wide

52.5" bleed


Here we'll talk about lamination.


Traditional 2-Sided Hot Lamination

Usto and Large format

24" and under - SIMILAR FILMS but not exact

25" - 48" Large format

48" - 58" Gloss only - extra time



Cold - Single Sided Lamination

Outdoor Films




Pouchie lamination

Traditional HOT 2-Sided Lamination

When most people think of lamination they are thinking of 2-sided hot lamination. We have a lamination machine that can handle up to 24" on the shortest side like 24"x36" posters. Our large format laminator holds wider films and we can laminate anything up to 48" on the shortest side like 48"x72" posters. Lastly we carry 60" wide gloss film (58" can be safely laminated) for truly oversize projects.

Mounts to

all substrates


24" wide and under


    $2.50 / sqft

        Gloss  (5mil / 5mil)

        Matte (5mil / 5mil)



25" - 48" wide


     $3.00 / sqft

        Gloss  (5mil / 3mil)

        Matte (3mil / 5mil)


    $3.50 / sqft

        Specialty Dry-Erase Gloss (3mil / 5mil)

        ($45 minimum)



49" - 58" wide


   $4.00 / sqft

        Gloss (5mil / 5mil)

        ($45 minimum)

Single-Sided COLD Lamination

Our Cold lamination process is used for most of our outdoor signs and decals. We have many specialty films we can apply as well.

Mounts to

all substrates

[UV resistant standard films]

1 - 48" wide


     $2.25 / sqft

        Matte (2mil)

        Satin  (2mil)

        Gloss (2mil)





[Specialty Films]

        Prices and Sizes Vary


Trade Show Lexan

UL410 listed floor lam

Wrap Lam


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