How Should I set up my files?

nwgi primarily works in a PDF work flow. The best print files are CMYK, press-ready PDF files.


While we can work in other formats, they may produce unexpected delays and or undesired colors and print quality.




We recommend working in the CMYK workspace and converting all your PANTONE or spot colors to process BEFORE submitting your file. Our RIP process will automatically convert RGB and Spot colors to CMYK for you, but may not produce predictable results.


For Rich Black use a 60,40,40,100 build


Black at just 0,0,0,100 may look like dark grey


DO NOT use 100,100,100,100 for black


For OSU Orange use




We recommend at least 150ppi at the size you are printing. 300ppi will produce optimal results. While it doesn't hurt to go above 300, it typically will not produce better results and will only increase file size.



For MOST projects, crops and bleeds are not required. For DOUBLE-SIDED banners and signs we DO want bleeds. If you do extend bleeds, do so for 0.25" on all sides. If you extend bleeds either note it to us, or include crop marks. Bleeds marks are NEVER needed.


For MOST projects if your file has any bleeds please extend 0.0625" on all sides (even sides without bleeds). DO NOT include crop marks. So, a full bleed business card PDF file should be sized 3.625" x 2.125" and not contain any crop marks.

We'll be updating this soon to have our most asked questions here, and well as some templates and general practices for our shop...

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