Make your print or poster presentation-ready! nwgi offers a range of substrates for both indoor and outdoor applications, as well as several environmentally friendly options.



Foamcore is an economical, lightweight and rigid substratethat features a polystyrene core with a paper veneer front and back. Great for short-term interior projects. Have a project larger than 24” x 36”? Consider using Gatorboard to prevent bowing. Best for indoor use only. Available in white or black.

3/16”: $3.50/sq. ft.





Gatorboard is similar to Foamcore, but more rigid and durable. Great for larger prints and for long term applications. Available in two thicknesses: 3/16” or 1/2”. For indoor use only. Available in white or black.

3/16”: $4.50/sq.ft.
1/2” : $7.00/sq.ft.




Bioboard® is made right here in Oregon from over 60% recycled materials, plus it’s 100% recyclable. It is very similar in durability to Gatorboard, but with a corrugated core. The distinctive edge will make sure your commitment to sustainability is noticed. For indoor use only. Available in white.

1/4": $4.50/sq.ft.
1/2": $7.00/sq.ft.




Sintra® is an extruded PVC plastic board. Good for outdoor (when used with adhesive vinyl) or indoor use. 1mm is available in white only, all other thicknesses are available in white or black.

1 mm: $4.00/sq.ft.
3 mm: $4.75/sq.ft.
6 mm: $7.00/sq.ft.